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Every child has something they find interesting. It’s something they’re passionate about and would love to invest their time into. Hence, it’s quite necessary to provide kids with opportunities that help them develop their passion, hone their skills, and build their future. Fortunately, the summer break offers this opportunity.

During the summer break, kids can register for summer programs where they learn in-demand skills that can pave the way for them in our digital world. GATE Academy has one of the best summer programs tagged, ASPIRE. For the record, this is the fifth edition of our summer program, and this time it’s bigger, better, and so much exciting!

What is ASPIRE 5.0?

ASPIRE 5.0 is GATE Academy’s signature summer program where children are equipped with relevant skills in their area of interest to empower them to become innovators and change-makers in society. In this year’s edition, participants will learn about coding, social media, writing, and a whole lot more. Here’s a comprehensive list of our available programs.

1. Tech stars.

Does your child have a knack for tech? Perhaps you always find him snuggling in a corner with a device, either playing video games, creating designs, making videos, or even learning about coding? These are pointers that your child could be interested in tech. These interests that your child has shown could create a career for him in future if it is well developed.

Registering him to be a tech star in our ASPIRE summer camp is what he needs to get started. He can learn two of the following:

– Robotics
– Animation
– Game design & UI/UX

2. Digital Creatives

If you’ve ever seen your child trying to make videos or take pictures for social media, then that’s a sign that he has to be a part of our digital creatives program.

This program is for children who have shown interest in social media, content creation, or writing. They’d be given a proper introduction to the world of social media and the various opportunities that it holds for them.

By registering your child for this program, you can help him turn his interest in social media (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat) into a source of income.

Social media savvy people can earn jobs like social media manager/marketer, content creator, writer, community manager, and so much more.

When you register your child to be a digital creative, he’ll learn about:

– Social media
– Content creation
– Content writing

3. Spelling Champs.

If your child loves spelling, phonetics, or basically, new words then this program is suitable for them. This course is designed to build their vocabulary and spoken English. They also get to be a part of a book club where they read a book and discuss it with their peers.

This allows participants to be independent as they have to go back home to practice reading and spelling. In this program, your child will learn:

– Spelling
– Phonetics
– Book club

Just in case you want your kids to prepare for the term ahead, we also have a program that is perfect for that.

4. Academic Deep Dive.

In our academic deep-dive, our focus is on Math and English because these are core subjects for students across different departments. In this program, we take a quick but deep dive into the curriculum for the next term. This helps participants to get themselves properly ready for the next term.

By the time they resume back to school, you’d be able to see how outstanding their performance will be.

These are our available programs for ASPIRE 5.0. The price for these programs ranges from N6,500 – N20,000. Once you’ve identified the suitable program for your child, kindly click this link to register right away.

We can’t wait to give your child the best summer ever!