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Prepare Early: Apply to study overseas

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Students who gain admission to the likes of Oxford, Harvard and other top universities will have showcased an outstanding set of unique activities and grades and these take time to develop. Students know that the path to getting into top universities is years in the making and requires hard work and adequate planning. Students should be spending the 2-3 years developing their extra- curricular portfolio before they apply, exploring their options, planning subject combinations, deepening their knowledge of areas of interest, and in some majors like medicine, gaining hands-on experience that will allow them to succeed both as a student and in their future career.

It is important for you to go ‘beyond the classroom’. This may mean doing significant work alongside class and school work.
This could include:
Taking additional subjects:  Subjects work for students with different capabilities. There are extra subjects for weak students to let them practice more, put in more efforts and attention on these subjects. For the bright students, extra subjects are a method to enrich their skills and talent. In short, extra classes are useful to students if conducted and managed wisely.

Independent online courses: With the ability to study anywhere, online classes can help with flexibility, and studying in your comfort zone, Students have the freedom to juggle their careers and school because they aren’t tied down to a fixed schedule. this can help reduce stress of studying , reduce cost and create scheduled and preferred timing.

Independent research projects: This serves to confirm a student’s interest in a field and clarifies a degree path. It also allows students to display a wide range of skills to prospective schools: things like critical thinking, writing, research, teamwork, planning, and public speaking.

Gaining some work experience (virtual or otherwise!): work experience or extracurricular activities can help boost academic performance and CV resume, it also serve as means to impress universities.

Participating in national or international competitions: conferences and competitions can add greatly to your recommendation, students can better understand how to deal with conflicting opinions and ideas. Competitions offer a chance for participants to gain substantial experience, showcase skills, analyze and evaluate outcomes and uncover personal aptitude.
and so much more

Don’t leave your preparation for your final year of school: Students from Year 10 can start Preparing. At GECCA we believe in developing students outside the walls of a school. You can find out more by speaking to one of our educational consultants or counselors. 

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