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How GATE Academy is preparing your child for exams.


Here at GATE Academy, we’re seeing to it that our tutors are doing everything possible – and even going the extra mile – to ensure that your kids are ready to sit for their exams. All hands are on deck to make sure that your child comes out in flying colours. “What are some of the things that our tutors do to prepare their students?” you may ask. Well, today, I’m going to be sharing a few of them with you.

1. Conducting intense revision:

In exams, students are tested with questions from the first topic down to the very last topic. Most times, students are not able to conduct an extensive study that covers all the topics in a term, hence our tutors make sure that weeks before the exam, intense revision has started so that the student can cover all the topics in the syllabus.

2. Conducting mock exams:

Our tutor’s intense revisions of course comes with practice questions that students are likely to come across in the exams. These questions help to condition the minds of our students and give them a feel of what their exams are going to be like. We make sure that our tutor drills their students with a lot of practice until they are confident and ready to sit for their exams.

3. Sharing exam tips, tricks, and secrets:

This is one of the advantages of having private tutors. There are often secrets that are used to answer certain questions. Interestingly, these secrets are not known to a lot of other students who do not have private tutors. But because all our tutors have experience as teachers, they know many of these secrets. So while preparations for exams are ongoing, our tutors do not fail to let their students in on some of these secrets.

4. Offering emotional support and boosting self-esteem:

It is very important that students write their exams with high self esteem and in a good state of mind. Fortunately, our tutors are experts at helping their students build their self-esteem. We make sure that students are confident that they’re going to excel in their exams. This helps students to kick out the anxiety that often causes unnecessary mistakes.


As your trusted education partners, we take joy in ensuring that your child is able to ACE every single exam he or she sits for. We want you to know that we’re not leaving anything for chance. We’re literally not leaving any stone unturned!

Your child can be a beneficiary of GATE Academy’s intense exam preparations too! All you have to do is hire a tutor now! To hire a tutor, call us on 07086296002 or click here

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