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Heads up! The Easter break is here!

Whew! What a relief it must be for you as well as your kids as schools go on Easter break. Of course this means that you’d be taking a break from early morning routines and packed schedules. And of course, you’d have some time to yourself!

I’m sure that you can already see the excitement of the Easter break on your kids’ faces. Right now, there’s almost nothing they want more than to sleep, eat, and have fun! Well, they aren’t wrong to need all these things. In fact they need it!

However, even as students would be taking a break from school, it is important to note that they shouldn’t leave their academics in the air. Afterall, the break is going to last only a few weeks and they’d be back to continue from where they left off. This is why it’s important for your kids to maximize the easter break even though it’s going to last only 3 weeks. Here are a few things that could try out:


Yes, you read that right! Taking a break can help ensure your kids are well rested before the new term. I understand that different methods work for different kids, so If you feel your child needs a break, then a break it is! But if you feel like you could still engage them even while on break, then that’s great too. Just ensure that you go with what works best for your child, afterall you know your child best.


Even though they don’t have their regular school routine we still find that creating a home routine helps them stay balanced. Ensure they wake up at a certain time, engage in home activities and chores (making their bed, arranging their room, helping to make a meal etc).


As cliche as this may sound, the reality still remains that the third term is fast approaching. This break poses an opportunity for students to get their grades in good shape and to finish in flying colors. Getting a tutor helps your child finish the curriculum that was not otherwise completed in school, understand topics better and get familiar with new topics. You could also hire a tutor to help with areas you want your child to develop more in. Areas such as: spelling, diction, writing, phonetics, a new language, public speaking etc. After all Learning never hurts in the long run! You can click this link to hire a tutor right away!


What’s Easter break without family time? Spending quality time with your kids will help boost their confidence and self- esteem. You want them to know you love them and are always in their corner. For kids in boarding school, this is a great chance to really know what’s going on in school. Inasmuch as we want to be their parents and mentor it’s important to be their friend as well.

In conclusion, create a schedule that is a blend of rest, fun and academics. We don’t want kids sitting in front of the tv all day. As mentioned earlier, the third term is fast approaching. A great tactic would be to ensure your child brushes up on topics taught from the last 2 terms and prepare for the term ahead. This helps them stay ahead, maintain their good grades and brush up on forgotten topics.

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