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Choosing the College That Fits Your Finance

Do not waste money doing your study abroad process yourself. Making a decision about what college to apply to can be stressful, but with adequate research, students should feel confident about their choices. If you are currently mapping the college admissions process and looking for expert help, GECCA has the best team to help work with your budget.

As a student you have some big decisions to make. In addition to choosing a college that aligns with your academic and social interests, it’s important to choose a college that is financially achievable for you and your family, factoring the cost of each option into their final decision.

Here are some tips on reviewing financial aid offers and choosing the best fit options for your needs and budget!

Read and Research thoroughly
Take the time to understand exactly how much you will be expected to pay and through what means. Many schools also offer different types of aid, including grants, loans, and scholarships. Understand the differences between these aid types: unlike grants and scholarships, loans need to be repaid.

Factor in minor Costs
Tuition and housing aren’t the only expenses you need to have on their list of fees. Estimate the overall costs, including living expenses, books, transportation, and activity fees. Living costs can vary based on where the college is located. In addition, you should consider how far this will stretch at each institution they are considering.

Take Note of Stipulations
Once you feel confident in your understanding of the financial aids and your budgets, take note of any stipulations or qualifications surrounding what you will be entitled to receive.
When evaluating financial aid offers, it’s important to see the big picture and looking out for these kinds of qualifications will help you accomplish this.

Consider Opportunities not just Finance
It’s important to enroll in a college that will provide students with exciting learning opportunities and room for personal and professional growth. Review each school’s career services, alumni network, and potential internship opportunities.

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