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3 deadly things to avoid while preparing for exams.

What’s the one thing that students hate about school?

You guessed right, “exams!”

But despite the level of hatred that students have for exams, it’s impossible for them to do without it. Exams have always been a vital part in education because that’s the only way through which teachers can be able to ascertain that their students understand what has been taught in class. So since it’s impossible for you as a student to avoid exams, we have put up this post to enlighten you about the 3 important things to avoid while preparing for your exams.

1. Cramming:

Cramming is very popular among students. According to Wikipedia, “cramming is the practice of working intensively to absorb large volumes of information in short amounts of time. It is often done by students in preparation for upcoming exams, especially just before they are due.”

Although cramming is a very common practice among students, It is never recommended. Cramming has been proven to increase stress levels, which obviously is not a good thing. It can also lead to anxiety and panic which makes it more difficult to take in information.

If you have ever crammed for an examination, I’m sure that you can testify that you forgot nearly everything that you crammed. I believe that it’s a wrong practice to cram just so you can pass your exams. Remember that you’re in school to be educated and not to pass your exams.

Moreover, if there’s any reason why a student should try to stuff loads of information into the short term memory, then it’s obviously because that student failed to start reading early. So, here’s what you should do to avoid cramming – “start reading early enough!”

2. Procrastination:

You know what they say? “Procrastination is the thief of time,” and we can’t agree more!

In simple terms, here’s what Procrastination:

“Procrastination is simply avoiding what you should do now till a later time (which of course isn’t even guaranteed.)”

Procrastination is one major reason why students fail. You know why?

It’s because students keep saying “I’ll read tomorrow.” Quite unfortunately, they end up not reading until a few days to the exam when it now becomes very difficult to read and understand. This is when they now resort to cramming just like I mentioned above.

Students who are serious about their education will have to overcome procrastination. And the only way to do this is to “never leave for tomorrow, what you can do today.”

3. Distraction.

Last, but obviously not the least, one other thing you should avoid while preparing for exams is distraction. As you prepare for an exam, make sure to take away every single thing that could distract you – even if it means staying alone for hours!

You see, whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well. As a student who is preparing for exams, you should be willing to give up anything that could distract you. Give full attention to reading and starve yourself of every distraction.

I know that it’s difficult to avoid get distracted in the kind of world that we live in now, but you can always try as much as you can. For instance, you shouldn’t attempt to read in the living room with the TV on. Of course, you know that you won’t focus on reading. You should also never try to read while on social media. These are obvious things that will distract you, so you should ensure that you avoid them and many more. Many students have the intention to study hard for their exams, but due to the fact that they are open to distractions (which could even be their friends) they end up not reading.

So now that you are aware of the things that you should avoid while preparing for your exams, do well to avoid them. And if you do, I’m sure you’d be glad you did because your result will blow your mind!

What other things do you think students should avoid while preparing for exams? Tell me using the comments section!

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