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Why you should study in Hungary

Hungary is a small, prepossessing country, with a secure and friendly environment. Even though it is not as widely-known as other European countries in terms of international studies, Hungary is a country, you can study many top-quality Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. In recent years, more and more students have decided to study abroad in Hungary and indulge themselves in an adventurous experience. There are, however, minor things one must know when applying to study in Hungary.
So today, we share with you a few reasons why you should study in Hungary.

1. High acceptance rates
Although Hungary is a good place to get a degree, not a lot of international students go there. In 2018 only about 20,000 international students were recorded in Hungary. This means there is lesser competition for admission into universities in Hungary making their acceptance rates higher than most.

2. Good ranks in global bests
Despite not having that many tertiary institutions, universities in Hungary rank well in the global rankings and make their presence felt. According to the Times Higher Education ranking of best universities for 2020, there are about five Hungarian universities in the global best 1000.

3. Tuition fees are cheap
Most students in Hungary benefit from government subsidies in education. The tuition fees in Hungary are still modest, going for around €1,000-€3,000 per academic year.

4. Cheap cost of living
In comparison to fellow European countries like France and Germany, Hungary offers quite a relatively cheap cost of living. A budget of around €300-€500 per month should suffice for accommodation, books and other utilities.

5. Access to other European countries
Hungary is part of the Schengen agreement which grants citizens of member states access to other European countries in the alliance. With your student’s visa you will be able to travel and stay in countries like France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and others for up to three months.

6. Safe and welcoming
Hungarians are more often than not welcoming towards foreign students and often help in any way they can. The country is also relatively safe for students.

Unlike some other countries where students might need to learn the country’s language. In Hungary English is widely spoken and all classes are taught in English, making it a great destination for international students to further their education.

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