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Why you need College Advisory

You would agree with me that information is power. Having access to certain information can save one a lot of money, time and resources. Let me tell you a little story, a client approached us for college processing, while gathering all the necessary information we realized the student did not do the necessary subjects required for his prospective course of study. Hence, we had to change the intended course of study because it was too late to change the subject combination. Of course, the parents and even the student were heart broken, as this dampens their initial plan. If only they had known right?
We have seen so many situations like this, some rectifiable, others not so much. Gone are the days where students choose courses in universities based on what is available as opposed to what they actually want. That’s why we exist, to guide students in achieving their goal whatever it may be and getting them into the college of their choice. We give expert insights on extracurricular activities, right subject selection, the right academic clubs, competitions and so much more to ensure our students stand out.

Remember information is power.

As a result of College Advisory, you will be able to: 
• Develop an educational plan that leads to the timely completion of your educational goals
• Save money and time
• Evaluate personal interests and abilities leading to the creation of realistic academic and professional goals
• Discover and integrate co- and extra-curricular activities and programs that enhance your collegiate experience
• Get professional and expert insights to issues like financial aids, Career about college and so on.

Support GECCA Offers;
• On-tap educational advisory
• College admissions processing
• Community group pairing
• Career guidance
• Extra-curricular and portfolio building

How to apply:
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