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Why choose GECCA?

Why choose GECCA?

GATE College & Career Advisory
College Admission Processing || Educational Advisory
We open up a world of opportunities for our students through Scholarships, Extracurricular etc…
GECCA encourages students to go above and beyond the minimum requirements in order to achieve their goals. We not only connect students with opportunities, internships, and scholarships, but it also keeps track of their academic progress. We provide individualized solutions to assist students in achieving their objectives in a way that distinguishes them from their peers.

Support you can receive:
• College admissions processing
• On-tap educational and professional Advisory
• Guidance on developing a list of universities that fits your needs
• Financial Aid Support
• Community Group Pairing
• College Essay and Interview Support
• Resources
• Career guidance
• Extra-curricular and portfolio building

Who Should Apply?
High school students from year 7 to year 11 (JSS 2 – SS3), students who are ambitious driven and enthusiastic about reaching their dreams at a college abroad.
GECCA help build a child from a young age while exposing them to a real-life scenario and prepare them ahead. making it easier for both child and parents as time goes on.
We also welcome applicants applying for Masters who need the right and easier path to studying abroad and students in search of Financial Aids and Scholarships abroad and so on.

How to apply:
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Are you a student looking for career advice and need help knowing which career path to take? you can also join our community and meet thousands of students like you! Our community is available only to students from kindergarten to senior secondary school.
GECCA is not just an agency it an experience. And we would love for you to experience us and be rest assured we have a huge load of excitement awaiting.

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