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Top Countries In Europe with High Wages


Many people have dreamt about studying and working in a European country. In most EU countries, working while studying is possible. Either with a student visa or with a student work permit you will be allowed to work, you might also want to make sure you would be allowed to work while studying and gain that financial comfort that comes with a student part-time job. This is also a good idea if you’re planning to travel and discover Europe in addition to your degree studies.

If this is your interest then check out these top 5 countries with the highest wages in Europe:

  • Germany: Average salary for Germany workers is EUR 4,200, since march 2021,, Germany opened the labor market for many foreign specialists.
  • Norway: The average salary for  a Norwegian  worker is EUR 4,400, being one of the most developed countries in the world, Norway attracts foreigners with a decent standard of living, high wages, a loyal tax system, and employment opportunities in the country.
  • Iceland: With an average salary of EUR 4,300, the island state can interest emigrants with a fairly high standard of living and a stable economy.
  • Denmark:  Average salary: EUR 5,200, in terms of equality of income of the population, Denmark can be called an equal country. The difference between the wages of the rich and poor is only 3,5 times.
  • Switzerland: The incomes of the Swiss differ enviably from the average European. But the cost of living in the country is also high with an average salary of EUR 6,500.

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