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Tips to save money when studying abroad


Studying abroad can be a really exciting opportunity, career wise, educationally, you even get to experience the world from a different perspective and location. But the tough part is the financial aspects of studying abroad, it can be a little tricky if not handled well.

There’s always a smart way to spend money when studying abroad, take note that these saving habits will only work when you put in your best and remain constant.

Here are some money saving tips you can put to good use:

Book Accommodation away from the University
Most universities make money off housing rent and food from students, renting a place outside the campus would give you access to cheaper food, housing and a variety of reasonable options.

Shop during Black Friday
Do your bulk shopping for the month or semester doing a black Friday, at a farmers market or thrift store to help save money.

Make the most of student discounts
Most countries help make student lives easier by offering free or discounts on bus fares, train tickets, cheaper or free food and rent around the university.

Cook your meals
Buying fast foods might seem like a tiny amount to pay but when it is done frequently can be a strain. Cooking your own meals can make a huge difference and help with your money saving options.

Find a part time job
A menial job would help a lot, it makes it easier to meet up with rent, fees, food stuffs and so on.

Getting financial advice from experienced consultants, financial planners, previous and current students in your school, can help kick start your smart way of saving money while studying abroad.

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