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Tips To Find Work Abroad After Your Studies

Are you worried about finding work after studying abroad?

Studies have shown that 90% of study abroad graduates gain employment within the first six months of getting a degree irrespective of their career fields. You may be worried about what job opportunities the world holds for you, as your graduation draws near. Landing a job abroad after studies is every graduate’s dream. It is a period that opens up the professional world to gain more experiences as well as salaries and what will appeal more to your employer is the global outlook you have as an international student.

But how easy do you get a job after your study abroad? Here some simple steps to find work abroad after studies:

Conclude on what you want : You should have decided if you want to remain in the country to work or not. If you decide that you will apply for a working visa to continue your stay. This should be your first step.

Plan ahead: You should have already started your decision before graduating, consult the career advisors at your school to get what resources and support that are available for you.
Contact recruitment agencies: You can seek further support by signing up to one or more recruitment agencies, so you can receive potential roles in your career field or your specified job field.

Build your resume: Learn the right formats to use for your CV and ensure it is up to date. Focus on what employers wish to see which are your achievements, extracurriculars, experiences and even internship roles. To employers, your resume is a first impression of the type of person you are so this is an avenue to sell your talents to the employer before they even meet you.

Make use of your resources and talents: You can also carry out a personal research on the companies that interest you, learn about them and find out if they have an opening for the skills and talent that you have to offer. You can also apply to jobs directly to various websites.

Network: This involves talking to people about your professional plans and aspirations. This could be your family, friends or your lecturers. Go out, meet people and build connections.

Gain work experience: Before graduating search out smaller opportunities like internships, extracurriculars, work placements, shadowing or volunteering. This boosts your resume uniquely. This is also a great conversation starter during the interview process. Remember employers want to see some experience even if you are just graduating, it says a lot about your professionalism.

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