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Tips for transitioning from high school to college

Being a university student means that you are ‘officially’ on your way to becoming a real adult, and there’s a lot of lessons you’ll have to quickly learn to adjust to starting life as a university student abroad and become independent for the first time.

First, it’s important to understand that the university level of education is completely different from high school in almost all ways, such as environment, teaching and learning methods.
Second, studying abroad is another significant challenge for every fresh international student as each country has its own culture and unique features that you’ll have to adjust to.

So, if you are going to be studying abroad and looking for some advice, here are some things to look out for during this transition:

Get all the information and advisory you would need early: This can be information about your new university such as fees (course fee plus any additional fees), teaching methods, voluntary activities, clubs, events, university map and important locations on campus (such as library, IT support, food etc.)
Second, you’re going to be in a foreign environment, so make sure you learn everything you can such as rules, laws, forbidden taboos in their culture (such as body language that should not be used), weather, cost of items, food and transport. To help you prepare, I highly recommend finding yourself an Educational Consultant to help with this.

Shop for the essentials: Before arriving in your new country, I strongly recommend you to prepare these top three things:
Clothes that match the weather (Jackets, socks, etc.)
All your technological things (laptop, iPad, suitable power outlets etc.)
Once you arrive in your new country and get settled, then research a local grocery store that sells food from your home country if you prefer your home food.

Adapt to changing learning methods: The learning method you are about to change to something much more advanced and technical. University and High School are nothing similar when it comes to learning. Therefore, it is better to understand and accept their differences before officially joining the higher level of education.

Extra-curricular activities: Take part in any extra-curricular to help boost your chances of getting into an international college. This can also make transitioning easier as they gain experience on what adulthood is about and how it works.

Be brave and sharp: Attending an international university usually means that you would have to deal with lots of difficulties on your own. This to both child and parent, the faster you grab opportunities and take daring decisions the better and easier it is for you to transition.
If you can work on these tips early enough then you are ready to roll into the college phase. Doing it yourself might cause some mistakes and misinformation, that is why GECCA has made it easier.

Did you find this article helpful?
You can take advantage of this information and start your process today with GECCA.


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