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Drop your pen the SAT is now digital;
YUP, you heard that right! The SAT is going fully digital, finally!!! The SAT has seen its fair share of challenges and controversy in the last few years. Many have criticized the exam for its irrelevance. To combat these arguments, many schools chose to make the SAT optional. Testing centers closed when the pandemic hit, only increasing the issues and concerns. But, thankfully, the College Board, listened to the concerns and is making some positive changes!

Can you take the SAT online?

Yes! The College Board just announced the SAT, PSAT, and all of the college-entrance exams in their SAT Suite are going fully digital. This will be easier to take, easier to give and be more relevant.
The College Board pilot-tested the digital SAT in the US and internationally in November 2021, and students raved about the changes, saying it was less demanding and easier to understand. When polled, nearly 80% of high school students said the online SAT was less stressful and preferred it over the traditional method.
Are some colleges still test-optional?
Even with the new digitalized SAT, some colleges will continue making these tests optional, at least in the near future. However international students are advised to take the test as it increases their chances of getting into US schools.

Final Thoughts

While the SAT has many new and exciting changes, some aspects of the test will remain the same. For example, the test will remain on a 1,600 scale, and a proctor will still administer the test from a school or test center. Students will not be able to take the test from home.

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