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With the term and Easter break right around the corner, the excitement and sigh of relief on a lot of students around the country is very much understandable. For many students, it can be tempting to do little other than relax and let go during the break. While you should, of course ensure you rest after a hard academic term, it is advisable to make sure your holidays are as productive as possible.

To make it even easier, GECCA has put together a list of our favorite Easter break ideas for you to give a try.

First try new extracurricular activities; this is a great way to increase your chances of getting favored by a college in the future whilst also enhancing your CV and experience. Pick up a sport, creative art, learn a new instrument, volunteer, learn how to code or better still get an intern job.

Next you need to start researching your next move after school, going to college, starting a new career or taking a gap year, spend more time understanding your school, environment, and yourself as an individual. What is your passion and how do you balance your studies, life, career and passion? These questions you would need to sit and ask yourself while making a proper research on what is the next big step for you.

Revise: Often students will have exams to tackle after the Easter break so it is important to spend some of the holiday revising. The long break offers you a chance to get ahead of work, go over feedback from tutors and read some of the books in your reading list to spur you ahead in your studies.
Although this may not sound like the most attractive of propositions, you can at least do it with some home comforts

Finally, get in touch with a college advisor, it’s never too early to start seeking assistance from professionals and experts about your next step into the future. Educational advisory not only makes the process easier but also helps save a lot of money and encourages proper step by step planning ahead of time.
Do not forget that the Easter break is a time to catch up with family and old friends. In short, fill your Easter holiday with plans both rewarding and fun. Make as many memories as possible, your future self will thank you for it.

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