GATE Academy Presents  – The Book Drive

GATE Academy Presents – The Book Drive

Did you know:
About 80% of students in public schools do not have textbooks for all subjects?
About 60% of students do not have Mathematics and English textbooks at all?

The Book Drive by GATE Academy is part of our efforts to reach out and impact less privileged Nigerian students by distributing textbooks donated by well meaning individuals. This is to ensure that students in public schools are well equipped with the required textbooks to aid learning which will in turn increase the quality of Nigerian education and reduce the number of school dropouts; to achieve United Nations sustainable development goal of quality education by distributing these textbooks to students who need them.

No country can develop unless her citizens are educated. You can help. Do you have used textbooks but no one to pass them down to? Help these students learn more by donating those textbooks. Your donations will go a long way in shaping their academic lives which will in the long run keep them in schools and not on the streets.
Kindly click here to donate your books.