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Take note of these before traveling

For most students who dream of studying abroad to further their education, they might think it will be an easy transition. Sometimes it is and sometimes it’s not but it all depends on you and how you are able to quickly adapt to changes.
Transitioning is not as hard as most people anticipate it to be, the learning curve is fast. So if you plan to study overseas, here are a few things you need to take note of before applying.-

Language barrier, this is the most obvious challenge of studying abroad. Overcoming a language barrier may mean you’re struggling to learn a new language pretty much from scratch, or it could just be that you thought you were fluent, but find you’re unable to understand the strong local accent. But this should not be a big deal because as time goes by, picking up on the local language should improve in no time.

Understanding the rules of a different county and its cultural misunderstanding on a global and local scale, getting to know how to avoid breaking common laws and rules, that might seem like nothing in your own country (i.e.: it is illegal to ride a bike without a license in Germany). This might not look like a big deal till you realize how much of a problem it can be once you get there.

Getting used to Currency difference is also a huge challenge, Make sure you work out a quick conversion system for yourself, so you can mentally figure out prices when buying things, and get to know the “normal” price for staple items – i.e. ask locals how much they would expect to pay.
Like most of the challenges of studying abroad, currency differences are one of those things that doesn’t really hurt if you are only visiting for a short time, but does have a big impact if you’re staying for a semester or more.

Lastly, feeling like an outsider, when you are far from your support network and your comfort zone this feeling can be inevitable. It can come in the form of loneliness, depression, anxiety attacks and being lost in a country you know little about. But like other challenges this too shall pass, once you start making new friends and expanding your circle more in due time you would adapt to your new lifestyle and find that the challenges you thought were obstacles were actually nothing that you couldn’t handle.

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