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Voicing/Consonant Clusters

  • This occurs when the vocal chords are locked together and the air being generated from the lungs in trying to pass between two vocal chords that vibrate.
  • This process of vibration of the vocal chords produces the effect referred to asĀ voiced
  • It is voiceless when the vocal chords do not vibrate.
Consonant Clusters
  • This means the occurrence or appearance of 2 or 3 or more consonants in a word without an inter-woven vowel.
  • Examples of words with two consonants include:
    • /pl/ – plate, please, plague, plane, plantain, plaster, plateau, plank, etc.
    • /pr/ – price, priest, pram, practice, prawn, etc.
    • /bl/ – bleed, bless, blade, blouse, blast, breathe, bleak, black, blame, etc.
    • /tr/ – track, trace, transport, travel, trap, trouser, etc.
    • /tw/ – two, twist, twister, twisty, twine, twin, twinkle, tweet, twerp, etc.
    • /dr/ – drain, drag, drink, drip, dress, drop, drug, dread, etc.
    • /cl/ – clap, clamp, classify, class, classic, claim, club, clutch, etc.
    • /fl/ – flop, flip, flatter, fleck, flex, flick, flourish. etc.
  • Examples of words with three consonants include:
    • /scr/ – scratch, scream, scrap, scrape, scribble, scrabble, scrappy, etc.
    • /spr/ – spring, spray, sprang, sprinkle, sprout, etc.