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Registers - Building

Building is essentially a construction industry that involves the construction of residential and non-residential houses, roads, bridges, and dams. Usually a project financier, who may be a corporate body or an individual, gets a contractor to employ both skilled and unskilled workers. Such workers include civil and structural engineers, archiitects, carpenters, bricklayers, glaziers, and masons. Unskilled workers include daily paid laborers who carry sand and gravel from the concrete-mixer to where they are needed on the site.

Foundations are very important to buildings of any kind because the super structure must stand on a secure base. The bricklayers ensure that beams and columns are used to make the building firm. Lintels are the beams on windows and door openings. For tall buildings, scaffold is erected against the wall so that bricklayers, plasterers, or painters can do their work easily.

After this, the carpenters can then do the roof. They place the rafters on the building and nail the roofing sheets on them. The glazier can then be allowed to fix the glass on the windows. The plumber lays the water pipes. Electricians do the electrical wiring of the house. Conduit pipes would have been laid when the bricklayers were laying the blocks if conduit wiring is to be used. It is after all these have been done that the painters can paint the building.

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