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Article Writing

  • An article is piece of writing that is meant for publication in a newspaper (national or international) or magazine (national, international, school).
  • An article may be narrative (story telling), descriptive (describing events, or places) or expository (detailed description of a topic, such as festivals, ceremonies, problems in the society)
Features of Articles
  • An article should have a title which should be underlined if not written in capital letters.
  • An article is not a letter to an editor, so it needs no addresses.
  • An article is a formal writing and so uses formal language. Do not use contracted forms or slang, if it is must be used, it must be put in quotes and its meaning stated also.
  • Sentences and paragraphs should be effectively linked with linking words and expressions.
  • A name and place should appear at the end of the article.
Writing an Effective Article
  1. Brainstorm or discuss the topic you want to write about with your partners.
  2. Create a headline for your article, making it brief and catchy, because your reader will se it first and if the headline is not interesting, the article may not be read.
  3. Create an outline for your topic based on your brainstorming. In your outline, make sure you have the following components:
    1. Introduction: You are expected to introduce the problem you will be discussing.
    2. Body: Divide your main idea into sub-themes. Give adequate attention to each of them and write each point in a separate paragraph.
    3. Conclusion: This should be a brief summary of your article and probably a call for the reader to take action concerning. It should be snappy, and catchy, and always leave a lasting impression on the reader
  4. After writing your article, do well to go through your write up and make corrections, even more, rewrite some parts to make it better.
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