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Thermal (Heat) Energy

  • Heat is a form of energy which tends to move from one point to another.
  • Heat is a form of energy that flows from a hot area to a cold area or region, e.g. heat flows from the fire through the kettle into the water, from the sun through the atmosphere to us, etc.
  • Heat flows through solids, liquids and gases by conduction, convection, and radiation respectively.

Heat Transfer Modes (Photo Credit: HVAC Palace)

  • Conduction
    • Conduction is a process of heat transfer from one particle to another in a solid, e.g. metals.
    • Heat conduction is applied in cooking with metal pots; the metal pot conducts heat from the fire used for cooking to the food that is being cooked in the pot.
  • Convection
    • Convection is the process by which heat is transferred form one place to another through liquid or gas medium.
    • Air moving around the room in a characteristic path.
  • Radiation
    • Radiation is a method of heat transfer which does not include any medium between the source of the heat and the object receiving the heat.
    • We warm ourselves by staying near a fire.
    • We dry clothes in the sun.
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