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Skeletal System

  • The skeleton is the bony framework of the body which works together to provide support and protection for the body.
  • The skeleton is also one of the parts of the body which makes movement of the body possible and easy.

The Skeletal System (Photo Credit: Britannica.com)

Parts of the Body Responsible for Movement
  • Movement in the human body is made possible by the possession of special structures such as bones, joints, and muscles.
    • Bones
      • The bones is the hard part of the human body.
      • They are held together by ligaments.
    • Joints
      • The joints are the meeting points of bones.
      • Types of Joints:
        • Ball and Socket Joints – These are joints that allow free rotation of the bones. E.g. The hip joint.
        • Pivot Joint – It allows the rotation of the head on the neck. It also permits nodding and limited bending movement. It is found only in the neck.
        • Hinge Joint – This allows movement in one direction only. E.g Elbow joint, knee joint.
        • Gliding Joint – This allows the sliding, twisting or turning of one bone over another. E.g. Wrist joint.
    • Muscles
      • The muscles are the fleshy part of the human body.
      • They are made up of thread-like materials which are arranged in bundles.
      • Muscles have the ability to contract and relax when required and this brings about movement.
      • Muscles attached to bones are called skeletal muscles.
      • The skeletal muscles are responsible for the movement of the body.
      • Skeletal muscles are usually arranged in pairs such that when one contracts the other relaxes.