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Bearings and Distances

  • The four main directions are North (N), South (S), East (E), and West (W). With secondary directions North-East (NE), North-West (NW), South-East (SE), South-West (SW).
  • To find the main directions, face the direction that the sun rises (East). Then stretch your arms out by your side,Your left hand points North and your right hand points South.
  • A bearing is a direction of a compass. There are two common methods for giving bearings:
    • Acute angle with North or South. For example, N30°E, S50°W.
    • Thre-figure bearing, measured clockwise from the North. For example, 030°, 230°.
  1. Ibadan is 116 km on a bearing of 027° from Lagos. How far north of Lagos is Ibadan? How far west of Ibadan is Lagos? (Hint:  Make a scale drawing of the data)

    • Scale: 1 cm to 20 km.
    • K is the point due north of Lagos and due west of Ibadan.
    • LK represents the distance that Ibadan is north of Lagos.
    • By measurement, LK = 5.2 cm
    • The true distance, LK = 5.2 × 20 = 104 km
    • IK represents the distance that Lagos is west of Ibadan.
    • By measurement, IK is 2.6 cm.
    • The true distance IK = 2.6 × 20 = 52 km
    • Thus, Ibadan is approximately 104 km north of Lagos, and Lagos is approximately 52 km west of Ibadan.