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Summary Writing

  • Summary means giving the chief points of a passage
  • This would be impossible without adequate knowledge of the text
  • Summarizing involves identifying what is important in text and restating it in your own words
Basic Summary Writing
  • Topic Sentence: This is a sentence in the paragraph which summarizes the main idea of that paragraph. It is usually the first sentence
  • Thesis Statement: This is a sentence that states the argument of the author in a passage. This states what the writer is trying to prove
  • Paraphrase: This is the ability of understanding the writer’s idea and writing it down in your own words
  • Supporting Idea: These are the various sentences that make up the paragraph to aid with giving more information to the topic sentence
Summary Writing Format
  • A summary is written in paragraphs
  • Summary should be written in your words
  • Summary begins with an introductory sentence that states the text title, author, and main point of the text
  • Identify the supporting details used by the author to back up the main points