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Speech Sounds - /U/, /U:/

Description of the /u/ Sound
  • /u/ is a short vowel sound
  • It is pronounced when the back of the tongue is raised towards the roof of the tongue
  • When it is pronounced, the lips are kept in a circular form and the mouth is slightly open
Description of the /u:/ Sound
  • This is a long vowel sound
  • It is pronounced when the tongue is brought up so that the corners would touch the back teeth
  • The sound is made right at the top of the mouth and the lips are brought close in a circled position
Spelling the /u/ Sound
  • u, as in: pull, butcher, full, cushion, sugar, etc.
  • oo, as in: shook, took, cookies, good, foot, hook, etc.
  • o, as in: woman, wolf, bosom, etc.
  • ou, as in: would, should, could, courier, bouquet, etc.
Spelling the /u:/ Sound
  • o, as in: lose, prove, move, two, whom, etc.
  • oe, as in: shoe, canoe, etc.
  • u, as in: crude, flute, cute, dune, June, Luke, nuke, etc.
  • oo, as in: noon, cool, choose, drool, loo, pool, fool, cooed, food, etc.
  • ou, as in: soup, group, wound, coup, etc.
  • ew, as in: Jew, few, chew, pew, drew, etc.
  • ue, as in: sue, due, glue, blue, true, etc.
  • ui, as in: suit, juice, fruit, cruise, view, etc.
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