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Speech Sounds - /Ʒ/, /ʃ/, /h/, /tʃ/, /dƷ/

Description of the /h/ Sound
  • When you say /h/, the air coming from your lungs makes a scratchy sound as it passes through the opening between your vocal cord in your throat and echoes through the mouth.
  • The /h/ sound is a voiceless consonant, and only occurs before a vowel at the beginning of the syllable.
Description of the /Ʒ/ and /ʃ/ Sound
  • When you say the /Ʒ/ and /ʃ/ consonant sounds, the end of your tongue curves back behind the tooth ridge to make a light contact with it while air pushes through the gap.
  • When pronouncing the /ʃ/ sound, there is no vibration in the throat, but /Ʒ/ is pronounced with a vibration in the throat.
Description of the /tʃ/ and /dƷ/ Sound
  • T o make the /tʃ/ and /dƷ/ sounds, the top blade and sides of the tongue touch the tooth ridge
  • At the same time, the front of the tongue is raised towards the hard part of the roof of the mouth to stop air from going out, and then moves back to release the air
  • /tʃ/ is voiceless and is formed by combining the /t/ and /ʃ/; /dƷ/ is voiced and is a combination of /d/ and /Ʒ/
Spelling of the /Ʒ/, /ʃ/, /h/, /tʃ/, and /dƷ/ Sound
  • Spelling of the /h/ Sound:
    • h, as in: harm, hose, behold, ahead, behind, hiss, etc.
    • wh, as in: who, whose, whom, etc.
    • silent h, as in: hour, honor, honest, heir, shepherd, vehicle, exhaust, exhibit, vehement, etc.
  • Spelling of the /ʃ/ Sound:
    • sh, as in: shift, shark, ashamed, push, etc.
    • ch, as in: chalet, champagne, machine, mustache, etc.
    • s, as in: sure, sugar, censure, ensure, etc.
    • ss, as in: assure, tissue, mission, pressure, etc.
    • ti, as in: nation, station, mention, fiction, etc.
    • si, as in: tension, pension, mansion, fission, caution, etc.
    • sci, as in: conscious, conscience, etc.
    • ce/ci, as in: special, ocean, ancient, social, etc.
    • sch, as in: schedule, schwa, schnapps, Schwarzenegger, etc.
    • x, as in: anxious, luxury, etc.
  • Spelling of the /Ʒ/ Sound:
    • g, as in: genre, etc.
    • ge/gi, as in: beige, regime, bourgeois, prestige, etc.
    • su, as in: measure, treasure, leisure, pleasure, etc.
    • zu, as in: seizure, etc.
    • si, as in: television, provision, illusion, explosion, equation, etc.
  • Spelling of the /dƷ/ Sound:
    • j, as in: Jane, just, enjoy, reject, etc.
    • g, as in: gist, magic, village, change, etc.
    • dge, as in: midget, grudges, ledger, judge, etc.
    • dj, as in: adjacent, adjective, adjunct, adjourn, etc.
    • gg, as in: suggest, exaggeration, grudge, etc.
    • d, as in: graduate, education, gradual, soldier, etc.
  • Spelling of the /tʃ/ Sound:
    • ch, as in: cheat, chime, teacher, rich, perch, cherry, batch, chore, etc.
    • tch, as in: kitchen, butcher, fetch, watch, ditch, switch, china, march, choose, etc.
    • ti/te, as in: suggestion, question, righteous, etc.
    • tu, as in: nature, stature, congratulate, furniture, century, etc.