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Mono-syllabic and Di-syllabic Stress Pattern

  • A syllable is the quantity of speech that can be articulated with one puff of breath
  • For example:
    • ‘wanted’ has two beats or syllable; ‘wan’ + ‘ted’
    • ‘important’ has three beats or syllables; ‘im’ + ‘por’ + ‘tant’
  • We produce vowels when we speak. This chain of consonants and vowels are combined to form syllables
  • This is a conventional term that describes the greater prominence which a given syllable has over the others in word pronunciation
  • For example:
    • DEsert’, stressing on that first part means an area where plants cannot grow, but if stressed thus ‘deSERT‘, it means to leave
    • REfuse’ (dirt), ‘reFUSE‘ (reject)
    • IMport’ (meaning), ‘imPORT‘ (bringing in goods)
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