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Descriptive Essay

  • This is an essay that is meant to describe persons, objects, events, and experiences clearly, and in a way that leaves a lasting impression on the the reader’s mind
  • Descriptive writing is like drawing a picture in words
  • It is necessary to use similes, metaphors, and images that appeal to the five senses so that the reader will see, hear, touch, or smell whatever you are describing
Types of Descriptive Essay
  • Biography: A biography is a detailed description of famous people’s life. It includes many surprising facts about a person
  • Travel Writing: This is the kind of writing in which the writer travels to different places and describes the beauty and specialty of the place in his own words
  • Nature Writing: Nature writing can be a non-fiction or fiction prose or poetry that describes the beauty of the natural environment
  • Journal: A journal can be a daily record of events or businesses. It also refers to newspapers or periodicals that are published on a daily basis
  • Poetry: In this form of writing, rhyming words are used to express the feeling and ideas aesthetically
Qualities of a Descriptive Essay
  • Vivid and Sensory Details: Details appealing to one or more of the senses. This is best achieved by using vocabulary that includes: a specific noun, active verbs, adjectives, and adverbs
  • A clear and consistent organization using spatial, chronological, or thematic order
  • Links between sensory details and the feelings and thoughts they inspire
  • An important characteristic of a descriptive writing is that it makes use of figurative language. It creates an image in the reader’s mind by using similes, metaphors, analogies
  • Use specific and not general terms. Specific details make your descriptions clearer. For example:
    • Chike is very playful (general)
    • He plays during lessons and does not pay attention in class (specific)
  • It is usually written in present tense