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Consonant Sounds /p/, /b/, /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/

  • To pronounce these consonants, the air that is flowing out of the lungs is stopped somewhere in the mouth before it is suddenly released
  • Notice that /p/, /b/, and /t/ sounds are more forceful than /k/, /d/, /g/ because you push your breath harder. When /p/, /t/ /k/ occur at the beginning of a word you can hear the force of the air coming after them
  • /p/ as in: pea, piper, stop, tap, pan, pen, pet, mop, pop, pip, pluck, plump, pounce, etc.
  • /b/ as in: bean, bubble, stab, rob, ban, Ben, bet, mob, bob, bat, back, buck, bug, etc.
  • /t/ as in: tap, little, tortoise, rat, bat, tip, tap, ten, sat, mat, bat, etc.
  • /d/ as in damp, daddy, sad, bad, deaden, dip, den, scared, dog, laid, road, days,etc.
  • /k/ as in: cap, car, cave, lock, cat, tobacco, tarmac, school, Christianity, character, sick, trick, brick, quick, request, six, next,  etc.
  • /g/ as in: gap, gas, gave, log, plug, sag, gone, Goths, gulp, gig, greed, gabbles, gas, etc.