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Are you prepared?

Financially are you prepared for your study abroad journey?
Well you might think you are, but most times you might not be as ready as you think. Being in control of your finances is a great stress relief and here are some points I bet you didn’t know about.

Determine your needs by asking yourself these questions
Many countries are working towards more cashless transactions. You’ll most likely need a local bank account or cash app, to set up a phone contact, deposit your funds, and pay utilities and your rent. The complexity of your finances will determine your needs. Ask yourself:
How long will I be away from home?
Is this a temporary or permanent move?
How will I receive or send money?
What’s the cost of health and travel insurance? … And so on.

You can talk to a financial professional to help answer these questions and keep your mind at ease.

Checklist for a worry-free study abroad
Overseas bank account – Best to set this up before departure.
Multi-currency debit and credit card – this will come in handy for cash, everyday expenses and needs.
Health and life insurance – Complement basic protection cover and hospitals.
Housing – Budgets vary if you stay on campus; expect miscellaneous expenses.
Transfers – Set up an online (mobile) banking so you don’t miss an allowance and make sure you are ready for emergencies.

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