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Selecting a suitable college program

Are you ever considering studying a specific program?

Selecting a college program can be challenging because it requires you to weigh out some of life’s biggest questions. How much money do I have? How much am I willing to spend on my education? What field do I want to focus on and is it critical that I earn a graduate degree to work in that sector? How do I know which programs are right for me? Is my intended college offering the courses I like?

Here are few considerations to help focus your attention and get your program search started off on the right foot:

1.  Reflective writing: Doing some reflective writing, until you feel you have a grasp on your priorities and goals. Know where your strengths, interests and talents lie. Also, later on when you do start to write your personal statements, you have some writing to go off of!

2. Choosing a flexible program: For students who are unsure about exactly what industry they want to go into, it is best to choose a degree that’s flexible and applicable to many fields.

3. Location: Location is a major factor. Consider where your ideal college programs are located? Are you prepared to make a cross country move to attend the school? What country will it be?

4. Finances: Most universities offer stipends, accommodation, work on campus and so on. These financial options are out there, you just have to really look for them!

5. Career goals: Most degrees demand a high capacity of understanding and plenty of technical skills. Consider whether you need these degrees to achieve your career goals.

6. Ranking: Some institutions have a high ranking in some specialty, but a lower overall ranking. This does not necessarily mean it’s a bad school, but rather that their resources are focused on a specific area. It could be a great program match for you.

7. Speak to alumni: Lastly, it is important to speak to people who have already pursued a degree in the same college. Listening to their experience as a graduate student and asking questions about the job market after they graduated can help gauge if the program they attended is in line with your expectations and goals.

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