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Reasons Your Student Visa May Get Denied

As much as we hate to admit, it is not uncommon for international students to get their student visa applications denied. In fact, according to some reports a few over 60% student visas get rejected per year. Not surprising then, that this is one of the biggest fears you may have when applying to study abroad, no one wants to put in all that work, money, energy and time only to then get rejected. Not to worry, in this article, we will be discussing common reasons for student visa denials.

Inadequate Finances: This is one of the main reasons a country may deny your student visa application, applicants must be able to show they can pay for the first year of their program. Your financial statement must prove that you can support yourself while studying abroad, which includes your travel expenses, tuition fees, and living expenses. To avoid rejection, ensure you meet the financial requirements, and avoid any transactions that may raise any form of suspicion.

Interview Problems: Because student visa interviews usually last 2–3 minutes, the applicant only gets one chance to make a first impression, this means there will be no room for mistakes, nervousness and cold feet. Not just the inability to answer certain questions articulately can cause rejection, also nerves, poor body language, looking down, negative vibes, poor dress sense and general decorum. Ensure to be calm, composed and prepared for the interview.

Absence of Willingness to Return to Home Country: Although this may seem like an absurd or unlikely reason to get rejected but trust me it is more common than you think. How is it possible to detect the absence of your willingness to return to your home country after your studies? The thing is, visa applications require a degree of trust before approval. You must already establish an active commitment to return immediately after your studies. Failure to do this will result in rejection.

Inaccurate Documentation: Ensure your documents are accurate, up to date and prepared before you begin your application, to help make things easier once application starts. A forged document will not only cause a student visa denial but you could also cause one to be banned from the country for a number of years. Ensure to be honest and do your research well ahead.

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