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Reasons to study in Sweden

Sweden is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe, bordered by Norway and Finland. Sweden is one of the world’s most modern countries, and the birthplace of many successful corporations. A number of successful inventions have resulted from research at Swedish universities and companies, including the computer mouse, Bluetooth, the dialysis machine, and internet applications such as Spotify and Skype.

The Swedish education system focuses more on your academic interests than pushing you to achieve a grade. Here are some reasons to consider studying in Sweden;

High Quality, Uncustomary Education: Swedish universities have an open climate with a strong focus on group work. And because universities in Sweden work to prepare you for a successful future; the job market values ambitious, innovative, and perceptive team players, so Swedish universities attempt to instill these qualities in their students. Degree programs in Sweden offer students the opportunity to mix study and practical work, so that they have first-hand experience in their field when they graduate and enter the job market.

IELTS/TOEFL exemption for Nigeria and Ghana: If you studied in Nigeria and Ghana, you are exempted from IELTS and TOEFL requirements, your WAEC or degree certificate is considered more than enough proof of English proficiency.

Stay up to 12 months after studies : The Swedish government has a policy that allows those who studied in Sweden to remain in Sweden for up to 12 months after studies. This can give you the opportunity to look for work and when you get a job, you can convert to a work permit.

Courses taught in English: undergraduate courses including masters program in Sweden are taught in English

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