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Reasons to Study in France

The global market knows France is a robust economy with a bright future. France has been counted as one of the most prestigious countries to study in as an international student. So if you’re interested in studying abroad, here are a few reasons why France is the perfect destination!

Attractive tuition fees

Tuition fees at public universities in France are significantly lower than in other European countries. Although Public university fees for those outside the EEA are higher, they still offer excellent value compared to other popular international study destinations. An international student from outside the EEA will pay around €2,770 per year for a bachelor’s degree and €3,770 for a master’s.

A great place to land your dream job
Do you have an ambition to work in market-leading companies and organizations? Then you should definitely think about heading to France. The country is home to giant organizations in various sectors such as cosmetics (L’Oreal), which oversees more than 30 luxury brands, including Maybelline and Diesel.
AXA insurance, which provides policies for over 100 million customers worldwide, is also based in France. And so many other companies where you can make a mark and earn a very generous salary in the country.

French is a global language
French isn’t just a romantic language; it’s also one of the most useful. It’s the official language in 29 countries, including some that make up a fifth of all global commerce. This makes it the third most common business language, and students who learn how to write and speak French will significantly improve their chances of landing a great job after graduation. Bilingual graduates who can speak French are in demand across various industries in France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, and the French-speaking emerging economies in Africa.
So you see, France is a rich cultural experience on its own, now studying in France can prove to be one of the best decisions yet.

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