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News that shook the Study Abroad world in 2022.

News that shook the Study Abroad world in 2022.


Did you know that a lot of events going on across the globe will eventually affect the study abroad world? Events like the Ukraine and Russian war, the death of the queen of England, global inflation, covid 19, the monkey pox and so on. All these events don’t directly affect the study abroad world but they do have a ripple effect that may affect the structure of how things have always been, and it is best we get ready for the changes to come.
That said, If you want to study abroad in 2023/2024, the best time to start your process is right now.

Here are some of the things that shook the study abroad world in 2022;

Early Application Closure:
Many universities have had their portals closed before their deadline because slots were filled and so many students were deferred to the next intake. This has caused a lot of delay for most students across the globe.

Extended visa turnaround time:
Due to the UKVI prioritizing Ukraine visa scheme applications, visa application turnaround time was extended to 5 weeks before recently returned back to standard time of 3 weeks.

Extended time for form of payment:
The turnaround time for forms of processing in Nigeria also got extended, making it hard for students to pay their deposit on time, thereby losing admissions or having to pay through alternate expensive means.

How to beat these:
The singular most effective way to get ahead of the study abroad wave and avoid any setbacks next year, is to start your application now asap.

In better news:
Australia announces its 6 years work visa option for international students, the Australian government plans by October 2022 to extend post study work rights for international students with degrees linked to workforce shortage. As an international student, it will give you more time to find a job in the Australian economy.

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