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We are eager to see what you're capable of doing here, smart one!

INSTRUCTIONS: Please, read carefully before you begin your challenge.

1. Make sure to fill in all information accurately

2. Time allowed: 15 minutes. No answers, or personal details, may be entered after the allowed time is over.

3. Get a blank paper and pencil for your rough work and your calculator close by.

4. Check/pick at most one of the options A, B, C, D, E. Do not check more than one option.

5. Do not expect to finish the whole challenge in the time allowed. The questions are of different difficulty levels. You should bear this in mind when deciding which questions to tackle.

6. The questions here are designed to challenge you to think, not to guess. You will gain more satisfaction, by doing one question carefully than by guessing lots of answers and doing the questions you know best. This challenge is about solving interesting problems, not about lucky guessing.

7. Please, do not refresh or close the tab once your test begins.

Greatness is Achieved only Through Excellence. Best of luck!!!

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