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7 ways students can maintain well-being during summer.

Maintaining well-being during this summer.

Summer is undoubtedly the best holiday for kids because they get to unwind, spend time with family and relax before the new academic year. It is necessary that kids maintain well-being while at home to enjoy the summer break. 

We have made a list of activities that help students remain on track during the summer period.

1. Organize every day. 
organize your day to ensure summer well-being. "Design by freepik."
organize your day

It’s no joke that when your day is disorganized, your mind will too. For students to have a good state of mind, their day has to be properly structured, with a task assigned to each time of the day.

One other tip that will help to stay organized is to always draft a to-do list every night, against the next day. Students can always tick off tasks on their to-do list once they’re completed. This helps students to prioritize tasks, keep track of their time and know how much progress they’re making.

This way, parents can assign tasks to their kids and also teach them to be accountable and organized.

2. Step outside.
step outside to ensure well-being this summer "design by freepik."
step outside.

It’s great that even though the Covid-19 virus is still out there, we still have the opportunity to step out once in a while. We’re not on lockdown! Students should make proper use of this time by leaving the confinement of their rooms once in a while.

They can:

  • Take a walk
  • Do some exercise/play a sport
  • Visit a friend
  • Go swimming
  • Go to the mall
3. Register for a summer class.
register for a summer class. "design by freepik."
Register for a summer class.

Summer programs are necessary for students to avoid summer learning loss. This summer learning loss or summer slide is the reason why many students lose most of the learnings of the previous term. Students who experience this also find it hard to keep up with a good academic performance.

Now, this is the reason why students need to engage in summer classes to learn and still stay connected with the school. Parents can get academic tutors in subjects their child is struggling with. This is the best time for them to catch up.

4. Plan a trip.
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plan a trip

Aside from stepping out of the house once in a while, students need to go out to spend some quality time away from home. There are many cool places where students can visit to have some fun time and also learn. We advise that students visit ancient landmarks and other places that hold the amazing wonders of the world.

Some of these places in Nigeria include:

  • Ogbunike Caves.
  • Yankari game reserve.
  • Emir of Kano Palace.
  • Idanre hills.
  • The First Story Building in Nigeria.
  • National War Museum.

Going out on a trip is a nice way of helping students ease themselves from the pressures of the previous term. It helps them to experience nature, appreciate the world that we live in, and learn something new. 

5. Learn a skill.
learn a skill. "Design by freepik."
“learn a skill.”

The summer break is a perfect time to learn a skill. Presently, students have fewer things that are vying for their attention, hence they can concentrate on learning and mastering a skill.

This could be a 

  • Digital skill
  • Soft skill
  • Or maybe a musical instrument.

It could be anything, as long as you have an desire for it and it adds value to your life.

6. Rest.
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An essential part of this summer that is often ignored is rest. It’s one of the reasons for the summer break. 

Students should never be too busy that they have no time to lay down there head for a while. Asides from sleeping during the night, it’s important that students take a break from every other activity in order to relax during the day as it helps to refresh the mind.

7. Eat well.
Eat well. "Design by freepik."
Eat well to ensure summer well-being

There’s no way we’d talk about wellbeing without talking about healthy eating.

As students take some time to relax, it’s also necessary that they eat well in order to stay very healthy. Research has shown that students find it easier to learn when they are well-nourished. Eating healthy meals also helps to improve memory performance, alertness, and faster information processing.

Some tips for healthy eating include:

  • Drink enough water
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Eat more fresh foods than processed foods.
8. Hire a tutor.
Hire a tutor. "design by freepik."
Hire a tutor.

Bonus tip!

The summer period is also a great time for students to pay attention to subjects in which they haven’t been performing so well. They can maximize this time by focusing on subjects and specific topics that gave them a tough time in the previous academic year.

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