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List Of Extracurricular Activities colleges look out for

In our previous article we talked about why extracurriculars are a priority, and why every student should participant in one or more extracurricular activity, in today’s article we will focus on the different types of extracurriculars, their categories and how they can boost your chances of getting into any college abroad.

Below are lists of extracurricular activities (divided into categories) that schools abroad look out for:

Community Service
Volunteering: Volunteer and charity work for the community not only provides you with a sense of purpose, this will also Increase your social skills, improves self-esteem, teaches you valuable skills and provides job and college admissions prospects.

Competitions and Scholarships: showing off your academic brilliance and brains in competitions like essays, math, fishbowls, sterms and so on can attract a lot of sponsors and scholarships from school abroad.

leadership skills: this helps boost your independence and leadership skills to colleges abroad, getting to intern and learn under a particular firm, this increases your work experience, boosts your CV and decisions making.

Athletics/Sports: A lot can be added under athletics and sports, from soccer to basketball to tennis and so much more, schools see this talent as an opportunity to boast about having the best of the best in a particular sport. This will bring opportunities like scholarships, sponsorships, award and prize winning competitions.
Music/Drama/Arts and many more.

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