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Is studying in Germany free?

This is a question that comes up a lot.

You’ve most definitely seen videos and gone through articles that have said that it is absolutely FREE to study in Germany – and that all you need is your backpack and passport.
That is the dream isn’t it? Well…

Here is the reality

Germany is no doubt one of the most sought-after study destinations for international students for its access to free education that exists ONLY in the Public Universities. The private universities require a tuition fee, usually from £7000 & above. Germany is the country with the most tuition free universities in Europe. It has up to 400 institutions home to over 2.4 million students.

“Studying in Germany for free” is one of the major factors that has put Germany on the global education map because this attracts a large number of international students. BUT

You would need £10,332 in a “blocked account” and also an administration fee of £400 or less at the start of each year when admitted to a Public University in Germany.
Also have in mind that if the course you intend to study is not taught in English, you may have to learn the language in order to take that course. Learning that language may cost you another £9,000 approximately.

So, you see, nothing is necessarily “free”. There is always a price to pay.

Your study in Germany process doesn’t need to be a hard one, that’s why GECCA is here! Let us simplify things for you and get you to your dream school.
Keep in mind the 3 key non-negotiables if you plan to study abroad:

    A blocked account with 10,332 Euros.
    Complete application document.
    Living and accommodation costs (before you can access your blocked account funds).

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