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How to conduct an intensive revision for your students

Since exams are almost here, we’re making sure that all GATE Academy tutors are working hard to prepare their students for their upcoming exams. For this reason, on today’s episode of our weekly scale-up series,  I’d be writing to you about the proper way to conduct an intensive revision for your students. Grab a seat and let’s learn!

1. Start with the syllabus: 

Of course, you already have the syllabus for the term, but at this time you have to refer back to it again. The reason for this is so that you can go through all the topics again with your tutee. For revision to be complete, you have to go through the entire syllabus with your tutee at least twice before his/her exams

2. Use practice questions: 

The advantages of practice questions cannot be over-emphasised. These questions help your students know what to expect for their exams. It helps them to measure the level of their preparation. So as you conduct revision classes, make sure to use a lot of past questions as practice for your students.

3. Give assignments: 

You need to also test the ability of your tutees in your absence. Hence, ensure you give them assignments to work on their own. Once in a while, give them reading assignments and ask for a summary. These are things that your tutors should be able to do on their own because, at this time, independence is very important.

4. Ask for feedback: 

One of the purposes of revision is to find out the weaknesses of your tutees and provide strength. Hence, you have to ask questions to find out the areas in which your tutees are struggling. When you find these areas, make sure you help them until they no longer need to struggle again.

5. Provide tricks and tips

From your years of experience, there are a lot of tips and tricks that you have been able to come by. Now is the perfect time to share them with your tutees because they’d be needing them. It could be tips or tricks on how to study, how to tackle certain questions or even mnemonics that would help them remember some vital points or formulas.

6. Provide enough encouragement and motivation:

One of the emotions attached to exams is fear. Most times, students are prepared for their exams, but they allow fear to hold them back. For this reason, you have to be a constant source of encouragement and support for your students. Help them boost their self-esteem.

If you haven’t started revisions with your tutee, now is the best time to start. This is the first term and you know how important the term is for your tutee. You need to help them make good use of this first chance because it’s like a ticket to success. Make sure you keep assessing your student’s performance and ensure they’re perfectly ready. We are confident that as long as we all put in the work, success will be attained.