GATE Academy Launches Interactive Virtual Learning Platform

GATE Academy Launches Interactive Virtual Learning Platform

Like Henry Ward Beecher once said one’s best success comes after their biggest disappointment.

Virtual learning Interface

In reaction to current circumstances and the global pandemic, GATE Academy has launched her Virtual online tutoring platform which means both Primary and Secondary School Students can further their learning in Mathematics, English, and Sciences at home.  These platform will integrate both online tutoring and study materials to achieve the following.

Responsibility : Students are encouraged to take charge of their learning and take tests to test their learning proficiency.

New perspective: Academics will take a new dimension  in a situation whereby kids enjoy their school work and find satisfaction and also get rewards for their achievements.

Academics Supervision: Our Academics Supervisory team will also monitor growth and effectiveness of each tutor session to make sure that our students are getting quality knowledge with their time and improving their overall academic performance.

This platform is enhanced with the following features

Personalized Tutoring

GATE Academy ensures students receive regular, timed, and organized custom tutoring with our expert tutors, who will help them with keeping up with academic activities according to school curriculum, and guide them towards raising their scores, and make sure they don’t lose consciousness of their academic work.

Extensive Online learning resources

We have  packed our website with an extensive library of materials in our online study section,  This section will help your wards get better even outside the classroom. The beautiful thing about  our Virtual learning platform that is not constrained by present possibilities but will help continue the learning process of your kid(s).
We have gathered quality study materials from seasoned educators that will ensure learning and boost your child’s grades. Our online study resources will expose your ward(s) to materials on a wide range of topics in different subjects and allow your wards test their knowledge through our mock exams. They get access to over 20,000 study questions and past questions at their fingertips. This will in the long run help them eliminate exam anxiety when its time for exams.


Online Test

Our mock exam system is well structured to give your ward an immersive exam experience. It is tailored to acquaint your child with the type of questions expected in various exams and the answer style suitable before for these questions. with tests for knowledge, speed and accuracy in different subjects under normal exam conditions. All our mock exam questions are well laid out in exactly the same style as the actual exams to give your wards an authentic exam experience.

Past Questions Revision 

Get familiar with National and International examination questions such as SAT, PSAT, ACT, AP Exams, and SAT Subject Tests in various different subjects

Study by topics
Study by topic section

Study materials are categorized into Nigerian and American/British curriculum for students to study according to topics of choice in the following topics; Mathematics, English Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business studies and Additional Mathematics.


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