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Extracurricular: Why it Should Be a Priority

As we all know grades and test scores are not the only factors that matter to college admissions officers. Extracurricular activities are now one of the most important factors that admissions officers review. In fact, 1/3 of colleges rate extracurricular involvement as being of considerable importance to the admissions process.
This will carry considerable weight on your college applications, including how you spend your time on the weekends for extracurriculars and after school.

Here are some reasons why extracurricular is a priority:

Demonstrates Your Role
Aside from extracurricular being an admission priority, it helps demonstrate your role as a leader and your creativity. It shows you have learned about yourself and you are focused on what you want as an individual and scholar. In the case of volunteering this can also show your service to the community and how you give back to the society.

Shows Advance networking skills
Friends you make through extracurricular activities can serve you throughout the rest of your life; whether that is knowing someone who winds up at the same college as you, or having a friend to reach out to for internship opportunities in the future. Either way extracurricular helps teach you proper networking and connecting with various types of people and their backgrounds.

Makes your Resume impressive
Not only is this adding experience to your resume, it is a great way to attract employers, make your work stand out and prioritize your goals.
Since extracurricular allows more than one specialty and minor activities, this will help boost your reach and knowledge that cuts across multiple fields of study and work.

Showcase your Willingness to Commit
College admissions officers are looking for students who are dedicated and committed to their fields of interest. This highlights your ability to commit, draws attention to activities that you have participated in throughout your high school years. This shows quality over quantity, demonstrates your ability to adapt and shows the impact you will make on the campus.

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