Covid-19 Appreciating the The Nigeria Center for Disease Control  Staff And Health Workers

Covid-19 Appreciating the The Nigeria Center for Disease Control Staff And Health Workers

In  the wake of a novel  pandemic brought about by the COVID-19  virus which has caused over 100,000 deaths all around the world and has recorded 382,000 plus cases worldwide the world has certainly been hit with an unexpected force, and we are currently relying on our health workers whom have shown courage in time of despair and have decided not to rest until the situation has been safely handled

No doubt whenever there is any panic situations made in any country the doctors and nurses have played a vital role. The situation was going to be bad but our medical staff stood straight against this panic situation. We all should appreciate them because they are giving their best to save humanity. In this situation we all should cooperate with them by staying at home. They are there for us so we should also need to stay at home for them. As care for them and pray for them and for yourself.

Here are some ways of observing safety measures:
Stay home and follow the community quarantine rules.

  • Clean your hands often, practice good respiratory hygiene and maintain safe distancing.
  • Keep yourself safe from being ill, especially from ailments that will require hospital consultation and admission.
  • Do not hoard essential medical and non-medical supplies. Be judicious in buying surgical masks and N95 respirators to prevent shortage.
  • Discard used face masks properly. Practice ecological waste management at home and workplace. Use and store home disinfectants with utmost care; do not decant bleach into other containers to avoid chemical poisoning, especially among young children.

We should also acknowledge COVID-19 front liners for services being rendered to our communities, including local government and Nationalofficials and workers implementing the quarantine; law enforcers managing health/check points; immigration officers supervising the air and sea ports; disinfectors, street cleaners and garbage collectors; farmers, fishers and truckers who keep the food supply flowing; public and private employees and volunteers preparing, packing and distributing food packs; suppliers, distributors and deliverers of food, water, medicines and other essential commodities; employees of key public utilities and financial services; and members of the media who keep the public informed about the epidemic.

Also to our Parents

Thank you mothers and fathers for adding the role of classroom facilitator to your already overwhelming job as we plan to introduce our virtual one to one online class for more details click here.

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