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ASUU strike

ASUU: The Academic Staff Union of Universities is on its 16th strike since Nigeria’s return to democracy in 1999
This strike has taken a toll on every Nigerian youth since that year, mentally, academically, financially and career wise. ASUU can single handedly make or mar a students future.
ASUU strikes might not be all that unfortunate in today’s educational system; these strikes can have both positive and negative outcomes.

It’s Misfortunes:
One would argue that there are no advantages to the ASUU strike, this not only affects students but also the parents and not to mention the educational system integrity of the country the strike causes such as:

More years to graduate and get a degree, rushed academic year, waste of fees and accommodation rent, a toll on students’ mental health, and lack of interest in the educational system. Just to name a few. These are very frustrating and can cause unfortunate setbacks. But these shouldn’t be a reason to worry or remain idle.

It’s “hidden” Opportunities:
While ASUU has been on and off with its strikes, it has taught a lot of us to adapt, plan, budget and multitask while waiting for the schools to resume.
Lots of students have used this as an opportunity to venture into extracurricular activities or Apprenticeships to learn handworks, get an intern job, learn how to code, create their own businesses, online content creation, explore their talents and many more.

The internet has made things easier today, creating opportunities and networking for young adults all over the world even without stepping into a campus one can get an education and a degree in the comfort of his/her home. Work and learn at the same time, build a career, learn handwork, make money, find their talents/interest and save while waiting for the strike to come to an end. Do not let this be a setback or obstacle to your future plans.

But then again you could always study abroad, scholarships and opportunities outside the country are numerous, waiting to be harnessed!

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