7 Fun Activities to perform with your kids using basic materials at home

7 Fun Activities to perform with your kids using basic materials at home

father having play time with kids
Father having play time with kids

As a family it is important to share some activities together as this brings  everyone closer and creates an atmosphere of joy and unending laughter which is why we at GATE Academy have put together some  of these amazing! Activities for learning and altogether harmless fun.

1 Blocks Rock!

Games are so much a part of who we are. Blocks Rock is an educational game where players compete against each other to build block structures in the shortest amount of time. Players choose a card from one of the decks — you can choose the beginner deck for younger players, or the intermediate deck if you want more of a challenge. Players turn a card over, build the structure that is pictured on the card quickly and accurately, and then ring a bell that’s included in the game. The first person to complete the picture accurately and ring the bell wins one point for that round. The winner of the game is the person with the most points.  research has shown over and over that blocks help with developing spatial ability, reasoning and STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). What a nice one!



2 Take GATE Academy study by topic free trials and answer the test questions.

Gate Academy

You might ask how is this a family activity? You never know how much information is loaded in our free study trials except you do so here with basic topics like parts of speech (in English) and fractions and percentile calculations (under mathematics) these are lifelong subjects which are used in our daily lives so it is advisable for everyone including parents to catch up on some of these juicy topics (think you can beat your kids) you are welcome to try.

3 Bubbles! How are they made? Why are they round?

Who doesn’t like some bubbles? You can blow bubbles with any mixture of soap and water, but add a “secret” ingredient and you’ll get bigger and stronger bubbles! Keep reading to find out more about bubbles, and to see our recipe!


Super Soap Solution

Follow this recipe using a “secret” ingredient to get stronger and better bubbles! Compare this recipe with any mixture of soap and water.

What You Need:

  • Liquid dish soap
  • Distilled water (tap water is okay, but distilled water makes the best bubbles)
  • Clean container with lid
  • Glycerin or light corn syrup
  • Bubble wand or straw

What You Do:

  1. Measure 6 cups of water into one container, then pour 1 cup of dish soap into the water and slowly stir it until the soap is mixed in. Try not to let foam or bubbles form while you stir.
  2. Measure 1 tablespoon of glycerin or 1/4 cup of corn syrup and add it to the container. Stir the solution until it is mixed together.
  3. You can use the solution right away, but to make even better bubbles, put the lid on the container and let your super bubble solution sit overnight. (Note: If you used “Ultra” dish soap, double the amount of glycerin or corn syrup.)
  4. Dip a bubble wand* or straw into the mixture, slowly pull it out, wait a few seconds, and then blow. How big of a bubble can you make? How many bubbles can you make in one breath?


4 Homemade Icecream Here is a 5 minrecipe to try at Home



  • 1 gallon ziploc bag
  • 1 quart ziploc bag
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 12 teaspoon vanilla
  • 13 cup salt
  • ice


  • Pour the milk, sugar and vanilla into the smaller, quart sized bag.
  • Fill the larger, gallon sized bag 3/4 full of ice, then add the salt to the ice.
  • Place the smaller bag inside the larger bag and close the seal. make sure you close them both tightly!
  • Now shake the bag good and hard for 5 minutes.
  • Rinse the small bag off with cold water before opening to keep the salt water from getting into your ice cream.
  • Your Ice cream is ready!!
5 Play indoor volleyball or soccer with balloons

Make sure you have plenty balloons for this as you know balloons can’t be trusted.

6 Play dress up with mom and dad’s clothes. (With adequate permission)

Whose the best fashion designer and has the capacity to spice the runway plus we will need some volunteers models for this the particular one lets move to the last point.



Make your own Star Projector. Look up some of the different constellations; choose one, or many that you would like to create. Follow the steps on the video to create your own star projector. If you don’t have all the different materials he used, try out others that may work like paper instead of tinfoil, cardboard instead of craft paper, torch on a smart phone rather than a torch etc. Use what you have at home and try it out!

Watch this Video to get started.

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