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7 best summer movies to keep students entertained and learning.

7 best summer movies to keep students entertained and learning.

It’s summer again and yes, we know that parents are looking for ways to keep their children learning and engaged without taking all the fun of summer away! 

We also figured that one of the best ways to do this is through movies! Children love movies, especially when they are relatable. We have carefully picked out seven movies that students should watch this summer. These movies are very entertaining and educational and would have your kids learning without them knowing it.

Best summer movie – Coco

Available on – Netflix.

Movie genre – Animated cartoon.

The movie, Coco, centers on a young boy who chases after his dream of becoming a musician in spite of his family’s ban on music. This is a perfect movie for students who are in love with the beauty of music. It helps to build enough confidence for these students to chase after their dreams. One other very interesting thing about this movie is that it’s Mexican! Students who are learning the Spanish language can always learn a few things from this movie coupled with some traditions of the Mexicans.

What does it teach?

This movie teaches passion. If you have a passion or a dream, make sure you strive hard to make it a reality.

2.Naomi Osaka.
Best summer movie – Naomi Osaka

Available on – Netflix.

Movie genre –  Television Documentary.

This documentary is about the story of a famous tennis player, Naomi Osaka, who is known to have defeated Serena Williams in 2018. Although she achieved massive victory, you’d find out that a lot more goes on in Osaka’s life. This movie carefully portrays the life of a sportsperson and what goes on beyond the pitch. It helps students who love sports to prepare for the sacrifices that lie ahead. There’s really a lot of things to learn from the life of Osaka.

What does it teach?

Practice. Perseverance. Hard work. This television documentary teaches that if there’s anything you want in life you’d have to work towards it.

3. Luca
Best summer movie – luca

Available on – Disney plus.

Movie genre – Animated cartoon.

Luca revolves around a sea creature who falls in love with the world of land after spending his life growing up in the sea. He finds a friend and begins an adventure with him. One that pushes him into trying new things and crossing boundaries. This is an amazing movie from Pixar and Walt Disney especially for students who love storytelling

What does it teach?

A very important lesson from the movie, Luca, is derived from a phrase that was often used, “Silenzo Bruno!” According to the movie, you’d learn that this phrase which means, “shut up Bruno!” can be used to silence that voice (Bruno) inside your head that stops you from going beyond your limits. So whenever you’re about to sit for an examination and you start to doubt yourself, just yell, “Silenzo Bruno!” 

4. Freedom Writers
Best summer movie – freedom writers

Available on – Paramount +

Movie genre –  Teen Drama

Erin Gruwell is a dedicated teacher who teaches a class of students who are divided by race. She has a class of at-risk teenagers who are incapable of learning. This movie would help you see that no student is too dull to improve. Erin inspires her students to take their education seriously and pursue a better future.

What does it teach?

Freedom writers teach students to always put away all forms of differences. It’s a big no to racism! It also inspires students to put a lot of effort into getting good grades and taking their education seriously. That’s the responsibility of every child.

5. The social dilemma
Best summer movie – the social dilemma

Available on – Netflix

Movie genre –  Television Documentary

Social media indeed has a lot of advantages, but it has disadvantages as well. This movie from Netflix highlights the dangers of social media. Because social media companies want more people to make use of their platforms, they manipulate the algorithm to make their users addicted. Tech and social media savvy students need to see this as it would widen their knowledge and give them more insights.

What does it teach?

Despite the fact that this movie exposes you to the dangers of the social space, it also shows us some things about social networking and social media. Especially how it uses personal information to target certain audiences who are most likely to make use of a product.

6. Breaking boundaries: The science of our planet.
Best summer movie – Breaking boundaries

Available on – Netflix

Movie genre –   Documentary film

This Docu-film answers the question, “what would happen to the earth if we don’t stop environmental pollution?” The answer is simple, “we wouldn’t have a place to live any more.” David Attenborough brings out the dangers of global warming and the impact it will have on our lives.  It covers the melting of the polar ice caps, the deforestation of the Amazon, the burning of the Australian rainforest, and the way that COVID took over our poor ecosystem.

As a student of geography or science in general, you’d really find this docu-film entertaining and very educational.

What does it teach?

The science of our planet teaches a whole lot about the world we live in.

7. Cruella
Best summer movie – Cruella

Available on – Disney plus

Movie genre –   Crime comedy.

Cruella is a crime comedy that revolves around Estella who is a fashion enthusiast. She had a dream of becoming a fashion designer, but she became an orphan at 11. She goes wild in the street when she comes in contact with some thieves. However, her uniqueness catapults her from a lowly street rat to a modern fashion titan.

What does it teach?

This movie teaches about keeping healthy relationships. Bad relationships can corrupt your mind and derail you from the right path.

We totally agree that the summer break should be a time for learning. However, we believe that learning needs a bit of entertainment to make it easy. Students can get entertained by these movies and indirectly learn lessons that will help them live a great life.

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