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5 ways to keep your kids learning and engaged this summer.

The summer break is here and as a parent, you’re probably wondering how you can keep your kids engaged and learning during this long holiday. It’s very important that you find a way to do this because failure to keep learning would lead to what is called a summer learning loss in students.

We would be considering the fact that even though we want our kids to keep learning, we have to ensure that they can have fun and rest as well. After all, that’s what the summer break is for, isn’t it?

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at 5 ways through which you can keep your kids engaged and learning this summer while having fun and relaxing too!

1. Register them for a summer program:

Summer programs are designed to be filled with a lot of learning and fun. These programs offer children the opportunity to learn a lot of skills that are not taught within the four walls of a school. Summer programs are organized in a way that allows children to choose the skills they’d love to learn, unlike the school setting where they have to take on some compulsory subject.

During summer programs, children can learn new skills like coding, robotics, animation, game design, music, writing, videography, photography, and so many more! The interesting thing about summer programs is that every skill that children learn can go as far as opening doors of job opportunities for them in the future.

There is also a benefit for you as a parent – you can have peace of mind during summer, knowing that your kids are making good use of their long holiday. Just in case you’re wondering what summer program to register your child for, you can click this link to register your child to learn about tech.

2. Get your children to read books.

Asides from registering your kids for summer programs, you can also get them to read during the break. This is a very easy thing to do!

No! It doesn’t have to be an “introduction to chemistry” or “literature” kind of book. It just has to be a book that your child can learn from. It could even be a magazine, a self-help book, or some fictional story. They’re good to go as long as there’s something to learn.

Books help kids to learn and to arouse their curiosity. It also helps to improve their creativity as well. If you want your child to rise beyond the ordinary, you should get them reading! Just like Jim Rohn rightly said, “reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary”

If you struggle to get your kids to read, then you should click here to find out 5 ways to improve your child’s reading habit.

3. Build their vocabulary.

Vocabulary building is also a very effective way to keep your children learning during summer, and it’s quite easy to do this. You’ll be required to write out 3-5 new words on a board or a piece of paper along with their pronunciation and meaning.

Your child can then proceed to learn each of these words each day and make sentences with them. You can repeat this weekly, thrice a week, or even daily. The more your child learns a new word, the more their vocabulary is built. A d the more their vocabulary is built, the better English they’d speak. To spice it up, you can give your child rewards for words that they learned perfectly.

4. Visit historical places and create new memories:

Historical places have a lot of lessons to teach. Plus, these places are always filled with fun things along the way! Even if your children aren’t the travel type, I’m sure that seeing new and interesting places will excite them. Here in Nigeria, we have a lot of fun, historic places to visit.

Visiting historical places will also help your children to learn better about historical facts that have been read in books. Imagine visiting the first storey building in Nigeria? The feeling will be so surreal because your kids can now experience what they have been taught in class.

While you visit these places with your family, it also helps you to create new memories and spend some quality time together.

5. Hire a tutor.

We mustn’t forget that after the summer break, your kids are definitely going to return to school. So it’s also safe to hire a tutor during the summer break so that they can start preparing for the term ahead.

This is one of the reasons why we provide professional tutors here at GATE Academy who can qualitatively teach your children and of course, also prepare them for the next class. Our tutors also relate with their students on a personal level, hence, they’re able to help them build their confidence and self-worth. Click this link to Hire A Tutor today.

The summer break doesn’t have to be boring! These 5 tips are going to help you engage your kids during summer with a spice of learning and fun.

Which of them are you trying out?