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5 Other amazing ways to engage your children this summer.

5 Other amazing ways to engage your children this summer.

In our previous blog post, we discussed three reasons why summer camps are necessary for children. But it is important to note that even after attending a summer camp, there is still a need for children to remain engaged during the remaining parts of the summer break. 

Aside from that, we know that there are some parents who have had to deal with financial constraints in the previous academic year due to payment of school fees, purchase of books, and other educational materials, hence, they might find it a bit difficult to still register their kids for a summer camp.

Anyway, we’re happy to announce that that isn’t a problem because there are still some brilliant ways for parents to keep their children engaged at home during this summer break (even after attending a summer camp). Here are some of them:

1. Read books.
Book lover concept illustration Free Vector

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary” – Jim Rohn.

Reading books helps children to develop their minds. It also helps them to learn new things. During this summer break, you can assign a book to your child to read, perhaps a personal development book. Make sure you set a time by which your child must have finished reading that book. You can as well ask your child to give a summary of the book and make a list of things that were learned. This doesn’t have to be a chore though, make sure your child is comfortable while carrying out this task so that he/she can get value from it.

2. Watch educational movies.
Young women, men sitting on sofa and watching TV in the living room. Vector flat style illustration

Not every child loves to read books. Some see it as long and boring. 

Anyway, movies are a fun way to engage the mind, and children find them interesting because they’re relatable. Even though there are movies out there that kids shouldn’t see, we have carefully picked out 7 fun and educative movies that children will love and learn from. You can click here to view the list.

3. Learn 3-5 new words daily.
Young people reading books in the park. Summer landscape background. Holidays time. Back to school, Study, Learning, Knowledge, and Education vector concept

This is a very effective way to boost your child’s vocabulary during the summer period. The more new words they learn, the more fluently they’d speak. To make this even more interesting, you can give your child a reward for learning even more words in a day.

4. Visit historical places and create new memories.

Even if your child isn’t the travel type, I’m sure that seeing new and interesting places will excite him/her. Here in Nigeria, we have a lot of fun, historic places to visit. Plus there’s a lot to learn along the way!

While you visit these places with your family, it also helps you to create new memories and spend some quality time together.

5. Hire a tutor.
Hire a tutor. design by freepik.

I know that you want the best for your child as a parent. However, you might not always have the time to carry out all your parental duties due to a lack of time. 

This is one of the reasons why we provide professional tutors here at GATE Academy. Our tutors are capable of filling the gap for you in your absence and helping to qualitatively teach your children and of course, also prepare them for the next class. Our tutors also relate with their students on a personal level,  hence, they’re able to help them build their confidence and self-worth. Click this link to Hire A Tutor today.

I believe that you now know why summer camps are necessary. And aside from that you also know how to engage your child/children during this summer period. 

Engaging children during this break shouldn’t be a hard task. Although it is preferable to allow children to build new relationships with friends at a summer camp, you can still help them enjoy their summer while at home!

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