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5 importance of being punctual as a tutor.

I have a quick question for you, and here it is – ”How early were you at your last class with your tutee?”

“What about the one before that one?” Did you arrive before or after the time for the class? I really hope that you have been showing up early for all your classes, you know why? Punctuality is the soul of your job as a tutor. It tells a lot about you even without you uttering a single word – a lot of good things!

In today’s episode of our weekly scale-up series, we’re going to be looking at why it’s important to be punctual in class. Bear in mind that punctuality is different from regularity. While the latter is about how often you show up for class, punctuality talks about how early you show up. With that established, let’s see some importance of punctuality.

1. It shows how committed you are:

The time you show up for a class is what tells us, the tutee, and even the parents whether or not you are committed. If a class is to start at 5:00 pm and you come in a few minutes early, it automatically tells that you’re very serious and committed to your job as a tutor. Whereas coming a few minutes late – yes, just a few minutes late – shows that you’re unserious. Bearing in mind that your action speaks louder than your words, we encourage you to show up punctually for all your classes in order to prove that you’re really committed to your job.

2. It helps to save time:

Here’s something you should take note of – “the earlier you start, the earlier you finish.”

First of all, being punctual shows that you respect your tutee’s time. Hence you show up early so that your class can end on time. This then permits your tutee to proceed with other things that he/she planned to do. However, if you show up for classes late, you might have to eat into your tutee’s personal time in the bid to cover up for the time you already lost or rush through a topic without going in-depth, which is wrong.

Secondly, you should never forget that there’s a syllabus that needs to be completed, as well as revisions too. It’s important to be punctual in classes because it gives you enough time to finish up with the entire syllabus and to allow for revisions. However, if you’re not punctual, you might be unable to cover the entire syllabus.

3. It helps you to be a good mentor:

To your tutee, you’re not just a tutor, you’re also a mentor. So whether you’re conscious of it or not, your actions will always have an influence on your tutee – either good or bad. So guess what? If you show up early for classes, you’re gradually influencing your tutee to also show up early for school and other appointments too, and vice versa. This is possible because it’s easier to do what we see as humans than what we hear.

So without even saying a word about it, you could help to positively shape the life of your tutor through your punctuality. You should take advantage of this opportunity!

4. It helps you to earn recommendations:

Who doesn’t love to be recommended? Definitely not you!

Your punctuality alongside proficiency gives parents more than enough reasons to recommend you. Nobody wants to recommend a tutor who shows up late for a class and is all over the place. So if you’re looking to get a lot of recommendations from parents, ensure that you’re always punctual.

5. You could win an award!

This is our not-so-secret-secret. At the end of the term, we often give out awards to the most punctual tutor to encourage them to keep it up. Psst! Don’t tell anyone!

But now that you know, we hope that you’d put in more effort to show up early for your classes.


We’re always looking out for you, and ensuring that you’re at your best. That’s why we won’t stop bringing you tips that’d help you to get better at your job. We’ve come to the end of today’s episode of our weekly scale-up series. I hope that this episode gives you enough reasons to keep being punctual, or to make corrections if you haven’t been so punctual.

Till I come your way again, stay cool!