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5 fun children’s day activities to try out with your kids

Children’s day this year is going to be extraordinary, and here’s why! We want to ditch the traditional way of celebrating children’s day and do something outside the box. We want something that is going to create a lasting memory for your kids. After all, it’s all about celebrating children! And for us adults, let’s bring out the inner child in us and have some fun just like the good old days!!!

Here are 5 fun activities you could try out

1. Paint and sip with your children!:

I know it might sound like a weird idea, but wait till you try it out! Painting helps to “light up” your child’s creativity. It offers them a safe space to express themselves without thinking about what other people think of their masterpieces.

You’re not left out either as you also get to enjoy the fun of painting with your kids. Of course it’s going to get messy, but that’s the fun part of it! You and your child (ren) get to spill colours on a canvas while you dance to the rhythm of a song and laugh at the mind-blowing figure you’re painting. This is an experience you and your child will never forget!

2. Go on an excursion!

There’s a lot of places your kids should see. In fact, I bet they really would love to see these cool places. You could pick up your phone now to search for tourist centres near you. Then you can ask your kids to pick the one they’d love to visit, and that’s it – go there!

If you’re in Lagos, some amazing places you should definitely check out include: Freedom Park, The National Museum, Lekki Conservative Centre. If you’re in Ogun state, then you should check out Olumo Rock. If you’re in Anambra state, you should check out Ogunike cave, and so on! The list is actually endless.

Enjoy every moment and take pleasure in every new discovery. Do not forget to have fun!!

3. See a movie together:

There are a ton of fun and educational movies that you can see with your kids.

You can choose to go to the cinema to see the movie of choice. Perhaps your kids might prefer to step out and be in the midst of other people, or maybe they enjoy the feeling of being in a cinema.

However, if your kids don’t mind, you could bring the cinema home! To make it more interesting, you can have your kids make some popcorn together with you. This is something that your kids would be forever proud of. You can trust that they’d tell all their friends about how they made popcorn!

Once the popcorn is ready, get everyone into position, lights out, and let the movie begin!

4. Throw a mini children’s day party:

If you want to celebrate children’s day indoors, then you should. You could throw a mini children’s day party with a low budget. Invite some of your childrens’ friends. You could get your kids to bake a cake or cookies for the party, get some music, and get the party started!!

What matters the most is that your kids are having fun and enjoying the moment. And if you can get their friends from school to show up, then I bet that it’s going to be a blast!

5. Do some charity:

How about you shake things up a little bit? What if you can extend this children’s day celebration to some other kids out there?

Here’s how you could do that: You could ask your kids to pack up some of their clothes. They could be old, but still good enough for someone else to wear. In caseIn case your kids do not feel good about this, you have to make them understand why they’re doing this. Teach your kids that it’s good to give and help those who are in need.

If you have the means, you could even buy some new clothes as well, toys or stationeries. If there are some other items you have in the house that could be of use to other children, do well to include them as well – books, toys, or video games!

Once you have all these things in place you can proceed to a motherless babies home. What’s important is that you’re making other kids happy by celebrating children’s day with them. Allow your kids to have fun as well.

Your children deserve all the fun and enjoyment that they can get, especially on children’s day. There’s definitely something for everyone on the list. Make sure you go through our list of activities that you could try out and practice at least one of them!

Don’t forget to join in the fun too!

We would love to know how much fun you had. Make sure to take pictures and share with us on social media! You can tag us on Instagram @gateacademyng. We’d love to hear from you!

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